Jackie Lapin presents 10 Key Essential Marketing Strategiesfor Transformational and Conscious Marketers to Engage the Media:

Get an accelerated overview of the tools needed to get recognized for just $197!

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As a conscious and transformational marketer, I know you must wear all the hats in your company. Whether you’re an author, leader, healer, intuitive practitioner, product/service marketer or even organization manager for a conscious cause or public service, media relations is just one of those added things in your life! And one that is probably a bit of a mystery.

But it’s an absolute necessity if you are to tell your story in the world and attract people to you, and what you are offering. You have to reach people so they can see where you fit into their lives. To create change, to become a hero in people’s lives - you have to be HEARD. Why be the one no one knows about…?

Would it be helpful to have a quick crash course in media relations, and especially doing it from a conscious perspective? We’re not talking about a five-course meal here, just a tasting menu… enough to not overwhelm you, but give you the a foundation that will enable you to nail down those interviews, feature stories and web placements that move you into prosperity and flow.

Engage! 10 Key Essential Marketing Strategies for Transformational & Conscious Marketers to Engage the Media has been created just for you!

This 10-part quickie webinar course, which you can do as fast or slow as you want, comes from my heart.

As a publicist for 40 years, and the Founder of Conscious Media Relations, which focuses on serving the conscious and transformational market exclusively, I am going to give you some of my best tips… I’ll give you a roadmap to begin charting those media hits! Let me de-mystify this for you! I’ve created a program that answers the questions that everyone asks me about publicity.

If I were doing publicity for you, it would cost you thousands of dollars! But in teaching you to do it, I’ve made sure you can afford it! You know the proverb, teach a man (or woman) to fish…You can do all the media fishing you want and hook those reporters and shows!

I’m inviting you to join me in this incredibly affordable program! How can you miss? And yes, I will guarantee it! If you don’t get plenty of useful information, we’ll refund your money. Now, we’re going to limit this program to the first 500 people, so please don’t hesitate. I want to see you start getting your fair share of media coverage!

So Let's Get Engaged!

Jackie Lapin is the founder and CEO of Conscious Media Relations,
a highly acclaimed media relations agency which serves multi-million dollar brands, luminaries, first-time authors, filmmakers that inspire us, companies with a mission and products that change the world.

Her clients have included:

  • Janet and Chris Attwood
  • Hay House
  • Don Miguel Ruiz
  • James Twyman
  • Dr. Joe Vitale
  • Eric Pearl/The Reconnection
  • Richard Moss
  • Dr. Denise Linn
  • Marie Diamond
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Agape International Media
  • New World Library
  • Sounds True
  • Silent Stay Retreat Home

Her success started as a main-stream publicist and she handled world class clients as:

  • The World Poker Tour
  • Toyota
  • Upper Deck
  • Disney
  • The Golf Channel
  • Mazda
  • The LA Marathon
  • Avon
  • Seagrams
  • Showtime
  • PetSmart
  • and Others

You’ve seen or heard Jackie’s clients on:

  • Dr. Oz, Good Morning America,
    Entertainment Tonight, CNN, The View, The Daily Buzz, 60 Minutes
  • The front pages of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times
  • Coast-to-Coast, Alan Colmes, Jim Bohannon, Dr. Pat, Diane Rehm and NPR.

She’s helped fill seats for her clients, driven sales for their books, helped them deliver their messages to millions through media and increased their North American profile!

Get an accelerated overview of the tools needed to get recognized for just $197!

What You Will Learn:

How to Be Clear and Concise in Your Branding and Messaging

  • Make sure brand is defined
  • Make sure you can explain in a few words what you are offering
  • Don’t confuse with two much information

How to Define Your Target Market

  • Will determine the message
  • Will determine the style of message
  • Will determine what media you target
  • Will determine how you approach the story

How to Come from a Place of Service

  • What is the Why?
  • How does it help the audience?
  • How is this new?
  • How can you deliver the message and invite the audience without being overtly commercial?
  • What can you GIVE?
  • Is there a book here?

How to Know Your Media

  • Difference of what you offer to radio, TV and print
  • Research the reporter
  • Listen or watch samples online
  • How much time do you have?

What's the Hook?

  • What’s the story?
  • What’s new/unique/distinctive?
  • How is it visual?
  • How is it timely?
  • Can it be tied to a celebrity?

How to Have Your Tools in Place

  • Website
  • Press Kit
  • Press Release
  • Pitch Letter
  • Photos - 300 dpi vs 72, you, product/book, in action, etc

How to Mainstream It!

  • Delete the woo-woo factor
  • Have video of previous TV appearances
  • Talk in ways the not-yet-conscious world can understand
  • Don’t assume audience or host understands
  • Focus on something more immediate than world peace or oneness
  • Bring in the evidence - the science, the validation
  • Endorsement or testimonials from famous people who aren’t necessarily personal growth leaders…

How to Know Which Staff Member to Contact

  • Producers vs Hosts
  • Editors - features, news, weekend calendars, local beat writer, subject beat writer
  • Producers, Assignment/Planning
  • Web editor, subject editor
  • News Services - Bureaus, subject editor
  • Reaching them on social networks?

How to Deliver the Pitch Don’t rely on emails...you have to make to calls

  • Send email pitch
  • Be confident
  • Be prepared - written and rehearsed
  • Be concise
  • Leave your number clearly
  • Don’t get flustered if you really get a human being
  • Resend email 

How to Cultivate Web Media

  • News websites vs blogs
  • Paid newswires
  • News releases, articles, excerpts, blog posts, directories
  • Exclusives vs. eblasts

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    Transform the World
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Get an accelerated overview of the tools needed to get recognized for just $197!

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